When you need a donut, you don't want to go to any old shop; you want the best.

Sure, you can get your fix at a gas station or some other joint, but when you want the best donuts, you need to head to this place.

That's because Yelp just unveiled its list of the Best Donut Shops in Every State, According to Yelp Elites.

That means these are the best places picked by folks who nominate themselves for a higher status on the popular review site.

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Yelp Elites use the site often, as they review plenty of places, which also means they have a pretty good idea of what is decent and what isn't.

While we can all share our thoughts on restaurants, and in this case, donut shops, only the truly "elite" weigh in on the best donut shops in America.

According to Yelp Elites, Old Fashioned Donuts is the best place to get a donut in Illinois.


Sitting at 4.7 out of 5 on Yelp, there are nearly 500 reviews of the place, with Naiima D. calling it a "hole in the wall kicking out straight heat" and Shay B. saying, "If you seek to discover the very best donuts in Chicago, then make your way to 112th & Michigan."

Old Fashioned Donuts isn't for everyone, though, as Quin B. had different thoughts, calling the donuts "way too sweet" and a "little greasy" while mentioning, "I could feel my teeth cringe with each bite."

If the worst thing I'll encounter at Old Fashioned Donuts is that they might be too sweet or greasy, I'll take my chances.

Old Fashioned Donuts is located at 11248 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

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