It doesn't need to be 90 and sunny to grab an ice cream cone, but when it is, it's basically all we can think of. This summer, we're making sure we stop by the top five ice cream shops in Rockford according to Yelp!. 

The people have spoken. They want more ice cream in their lives.

Those are my kind of people!

I don't have a problem saying yes to ice cream, just the opposite, I have a problem dwindling it down to one serving and one time a day. Some may say I have a sweet tooth, I think I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, and when it's this hot out, I'm definitely on the hunt to enjoy as much ice cream as possible.

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Yelp! is pretty much the go-to for anyone traveling around the country to check out the top spots in certain cities and Rockford has a pretty big Yelp! presence, so I decided to see what ice cream shops the Rockford Yelp!-ers love the most. 


  1. Dairy Depot
  2. Sweets N' Eats
  3. Candy Cloud
  4. Cattle & Cream
  5. Quixotic Bakery

Ok Yelp! I see you there. The only problem is, I have only been to one of those shops for ice cream!

I know, how do I possible call myself an ice cream connoisseur when I'm letting my taste buds miss out on most of the top five?

Obviously I need to complete this ice cream list myself this summer. Dairy Depot is the only spot I've visited for ice cream, though I can say that Quixotic Bakery has great brownies and cookies, and Candy Cloud has delish coffee drinks.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. How many of these places have you visited?

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