Have you ever been waited on by the 'best waitress ever?' Maybe, if you've stopped by Baker Street Burgers in Rockford.

There are days that scrolling through social media is a big waste of time. But there are other times that scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed ends up brining a huge smile to your face.

One of the latests posts by Baker Street Burgers did exactly that!

I spent four years waiting tables in Schaumburg before I started working in Rockford and I know how demanding the job can be, and how sometimes you end up with ungrateful customers and a lot less tip money than you expected.

That is not the case here!

Not only was Katie deemed the 'Best Waitress Ever!' she was given a $100 tip off of a $154.92 bill!

The team at Baker Street Burgers posted the copy of the 'big tip' on their social media pages and included a personal note about Katie:

We just want to shout out to one of our teammates! Way to go Katie!!! Not only did you make this guests experience fabulous, you do so at all your tables! You are a hard worker, dependable and absolutely adorable! We couldn’t be luckier to have you as part of our Team Fam…. Teamily? Famileam? Team/ Family…. Anyway… Yay Katie!

See you soon!

I don't know about you, but I want to stop over there soon and sit in Katie's section!

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