If you feel like you need snow to get you in the holiday spirit how about a trip down memory lane?

You're probably going to need a car to get to this "memory lane" because despite the typical amount of snow expected in Illinois and where I'm staying (northern Illinois) the largest snowstorm on record in December in Illinois history happened in the south part of the state.

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I originally didn't think that area of Illinois got a whole lot of snow and my theory was kind of backed up by this news story relaying the events of a blizzard that occurred in 2004.

24/7 Wall Street says:

Between December 23 and Christmas, there were almost 20 inches of snowfall here. This is by far and away the most amount of snow southeastern Illinois has ever experienced. The roads became so icy because of the awful temperatures. There were even some parts that had almost six inches of ice.

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The story goes on to mention Christmas was essentially canceled in that part of the state.

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I can't even tell you the last time we had a major snowstorm in the northern part of Illinois in December.

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Even Only In Your State, when rattling off the three biggest blizzards in state history, mention events that happened in January and February.

Will that change this month? Probably not. With the news coming out today that we're probably going to experience a Christmas without snow, it's looking like El Nino weather is creating rather dry and unseasonably warm weather.

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Not like I'm going to complain about it. After all, I'd prefer to not have to cancel Christmas due to a massive snowstorm.

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