Who says business can't thrive while we're all staying home?

While there have been so many business tragedies while we're all been staying at home, there is one really amazing story coming courtesy of longtime restaurant owner, Paul Sletten.

You probably know Paul from Abreo... or Social... or because he's also a big part of Taco Betty's success, oh and the Disco Chicken food truck!

But apparently he found some free time, because he just introduced Rockford to a brand new catering company, Aww Shucks BBQ.

If anyone was going to create a new business while we in quarantine, we should've guess it would be Paul!

Aww Shucks BBQ is having a soft opening Sunday, May 17 after a preview was super successful this past weekend,

Here's the backstory:

Sunday's soft opening will be Sunday at Social and while there's no info how to order yet, you can check out their Facebook page and website for more.

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