I know, I know, I know ... what the heck is "cooking fatigue". Trust me, I said the same exact thing when I saw it. And I honestly laughed at the term until I realized I kind of have it.

Does your day look like this?

Breakfast: Wake up and think about what to make for breakfast. Then you just drag yourself to the kitchen and settle for a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Think about what to make for lunch. After opening and closing the fridge a million times, you give up, go to the pantry, and finish that bag of chips you’ve been working on all week. Maybe toss in your kid's half eaten plate on top of that.

Dinner: Think about what to eat for dinner. The thought of cooking makes you cringe so you order delivery instead. Or make the same thing you've been making for months.

Well, you're not alone. Turns out 55% of Americans are experiencing the same thing. And it's being termed 'cooking fatigue'. Fox details -

A new study of 2,000 Americans found, due to restrictions when dining out, that people are eating at home more than ever and are cooking an average of nine meals a week. But Americans may be looking for more variety in what they cook and eat, as results revealed the average respondent has cooked the same meal 28 times since the start of COVID-19.

So next time you walk into the kitchen and groan, just know you're not the only one who's over it.

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