Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to outdoor adventures, there's no shortage of amazing camping spots in Wisconsin.

My parents used to have a camper we'd take to Warrens, Wisconsin when I was a kid.  It's not just about the camping experience, it's also about the quality time and core memories you get to make with friends and family!

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If you're more of a Glamper, you should see the "Glampsite" you can book within the Shawnee National Forest.  It's basically boujee camping for those who aren't big into getting their hands dirty in nature.

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Shawnee Hills Glamping Airbnb
Shawnee Hills Glamping Airbnb

Anyway, grab your s'mores, sleeping bags, bug spray, and firewood because we're on the hunt to find the best places to go camping in Wisconsin.

The 27 Best Places To Go Camping In Wisconsin

Let's start with the top 14 most suggested campsites.  Happy camping!

  1. Anywhere in the Northwoods
  2. Washington Island Campground
  3. Vilas county
  4. Lake Superior Circle
  5. State Campgrounds
  6. Buffalo Lake Campground in Montello
  7. Lake Kegonsa State Park
  8. Council Grounds State Park, Merrill
  9. The Dells WI River
  10. Nugget Lake County Park
  11. Vista Royalle campground
  12. Green Lake Campground
  13. Peninsula State Park
  14. Boot Lake in Townsend

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Maybe you've already visited the top suggested campgrounds.  How about these 13 other campsites most suggested in Wisconsin?

  1. Wyalusing State Park on the Mississippi
  2. Big Bay State Park.... Madeline Island
  3. Blackhawk Lake by Dodgeville
  4. Devils Lake State Park
  5. Evergreen Campsites and Resort
  6. Josie Creek County Park
  7. Chippewa flowage
  8. Shores of the Flambeau River
  9. Rocky Rips Campground
  10. Breezy Hill Campground near Fond Du Lac
  11. Lake Arrowhead Campground in Montello
  12. Two Lakes Campground ((National Forest) Drummond
  13. Friends of New Glarus Woods State Park

Northern Illinois has some awesome spots to camp, too.  If you're looking for a campsite a little closer to home, look no further than here.

Know better places than these?  Let me know so I can add to the list!

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