We've all been there - you're at the holiday Christmas party and you're about to do the gift exchange. Whether it's a gag gift exchange or a normal one, this item will be the one people will joke about for the whole next year.

I never thought I would see these three words together, but here they are ... candy cane deodorant. They're calling it 'Christmas in deodorant form'. According to Bustle -

Native Natural Deodorant will debut this limited edition scent on its website on Nov. 30. It's $12, which might seem steep since most drugstore versions hover around $7 and under. But those deodorants don't smell like one of your fave holiday sweet treats.

Want one for yourself or your friend who is way too obsessed with everything Christmas? Get yours here.

But honestly why stop there? If you're going to smell like a candy cane then you better commit. The brand is also offering a Candy Cane Body Wash and a Candy Cane Soap. You'll have everyone complimenting your festive scent.

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