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Rockford's Miss Carly's is in Need of Blanket Donations
With it getting warm out again, you might not think about donating blankets right now. However, they're important year round.
Blankets. As I sit here, I think about just how many blankets I have around my apartment, and I can't lie, I feel incredibly guilty about it...
20 Local Rockford Businesses to Shop at if You Win $10,000
Did you know you have the chance to win $10,000 on 97ZOK?
Here's the details on how you can win:

Download the FREE 97ZOK app to your Apple or Android device
With the app you can listen live anytime, anywhere
When you hear a codeword while listening live, you can enter the word right there on the app as …
VIDEO: The Steve Shannon Show's Taste Test For Beer Day
Happy National Beer Day, cheers!
For the past few years The Steve Shannon Show has spent the weeks of Lent checking in with Del Hall, a man from Ohio who drinks ONLY BEER for Lent. Spoiler alert - a beer diet can really work, look at Del's results...
VIDEO: Illinois Gymnast Sticks Landing & Flashes Vaccination Card
Things you can flex with in 2021 - your vaccination card.
I knew that a COVID-19 vaccination card would become incredibly important to hold on to. I figure it will be like your driver's license or passport. But I didn't realize it would become a sort of bragging rights...
The Most Popular Beer at Chicago Cubs & White Sox Games
Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the (socially distanced, masked) crowd!
Opening day 2021 is in the books for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. And of course, in typical baseball fashion, beers were drank. Baseball and beer really just go together like peanut butter and jelly...
You Can Eat Illinois' Best Hot Dog Right Here in Rockford
Summer = Hot dog season!
I think my favorite summer phrase is "Burger or hot dog?". What's your go-to? Personally, I always opt for the hot dog. It just has some serious summer vibes, and it's good for on the go. Like you can eat a hot dog and drink a beer at the same time…

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