These animals are getting so used to being in urban and suburban areas around Illinois that they no longer fear humans and are getting much too aggressive.

When Wild Animals Attack

To avoid being chased by wild animals, it used to only really require staying out of the woods in rural areas, that's beginning to change.

If you talk to someone who hasn't spent much time in rural areas and you tell them you're afraid of wild turkeys, they may start laughing at you. It's because when you say it's a turkey, this is what comes to their mind.

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This is the turkey that soon becomes our Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece.

They don't know the darn-near fearless wild turkeys that we see everywhere. They're very intimidating.

attachment-Wild Turkeys

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They're size and appearance are intimidating, especially when they spread their tail feathers and puff up to display dominance or aggression.

Wild turkeys are loud, too

During mating season, the males are extremely aggressive and territorial. And if you get too close, their sudden and agile movements can also be threatening.

In some areas, wild turkeys have adapted to urban and suburban environments, and they may become accustomed to humans. In such cases, they can lose their natural fear of people and may approach or even challenge humans, leading to potentially scary encounters like the one in the video below

In the video below, a Wisconsin child, wearing their winter coat and carrying his backpack is being chased, not in a field, but on the street by a fearless wild turkey.

If not for the help of a passing motorist, who knows what would've happened if the turkey caught up to the child

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