Sometimes we celebrate National days by sending each other memes or going out to dinner, but today, we're celebrating by shopping for new lipstick.

If you would've told me at 10 years old... 15... even 21 that someday I would carry a bag of thirty different lipsticks with me to work every day I wouldn't have believed you.

Not me, no way!

Well, way. I somehow became the queen of lipstick and so I feel like it's my duty to share these deals with you today.

First, my favorite brand of lipstick, ColourPop. Today they're offering 25 percent off of all of their lip products. I wear them all the time because they're inexpensive and stay on when I'm eating and drinking.

Other brands having sales today include:

Mac is also donating 100,000 lipsticks to healthcare workers today to celebrating the holiday and celebrate all that these workers have done for us in the last few months.

Get some lipstick!

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