Home for a couple days before induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Rick shares many stories from the songs that inspired hime to his wedding day & more.

I've had many conversations with Rick Nielsen in the near 20 years we've been friends and each one is great ride. His mind is like no one's I've ever encountered and it moves at Nascar-like speed. Even while sitting down on his couch relaxing, his mind is no different.

Right now is an exciting time for the band and their fans, as Cheap Trick releases their first album of new songs in seven years Bang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello and finally being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, both happening just one week apart.

A man who has every reason to be that 'rock star' kind of person just isn't and that's what makes these kinds of conversations so fun for the person sitting next him. We talked about the songs that inspired him when he started making music of his own, what he played before picking up the guitar, his greatest memory at this point in his career, he even shared a couple storied guitars from his massive underground vault. One of those guitars lead to a funny story about his wedding day.

Congratulations to Rockford's own Cheap Trick on their induction into the Rock Hall. And a great big thank you for all the great songs and the many years they have tirelessly entertained us. Make sure to catch Cheap Trick this spring and summer as they tour the country with Heart & Joan Jett.

Cheap Trick's first single from Bang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello titled, When I Wake Up Tomorrow


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