The marquee out front of the Coronado Performing Arts Center received quit the facelift, and looks amazing!

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At the writing of this (Wed) there is still some minor "blade portion bulb" work that needs to be done to the marquee, but the sign is fully lit, cleaned, polished, and looking brand new.

The marquee is the first thing you see when you pull up to the Coronado Performing Arts Center. The marquee has been struggling with lights and the amazing appeal for quite a while, but now thanks to amazing organizations like "The Friends of the Coronado" it looks beautiful.

There are local donors that have made these changes possible. So many great organizations, businesses and private donors. I had a conversation with Beth Howard, the president of Friends of the Coronado and she was mentioning the support of the community and how there are private donors that simply love Rockford and love the Coronado Performing Arts Center, but do not want any credit or recognition for their financial help. So to you, THANK YOU.

Check out these historic Coronado Performing Arts Center marquee photos from over the years:


Lights, camera, action...check out the fully functional Coronado Performing Arts Center marquee sign. Seeing the marquee glow and look so amazing like this, warms my heart. I can't wait to see this lit up at night, such an amazing spot in downtown Rockford!

There is an official unveiling and ceremony on Friday at 5:30pm downtown. Stop down and check it out.

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