Is the customer always right? Well, depends on who you ask.

Eggsclusive Cafe 2 at 7105 North Cherryvale Road in Cherry Valley has come under fire after a contentious back and forth argument with an unhappy customer.

Apparently Amara Lowe had a negative experience at Eggsclusive Cafe 2 and left a review saying:

Never have I had a bad experience here before until today. We came with a party of 8 and a baby. For the anniversary of my mother’s death date. The manager was EXTREMELY rude! Even after explaining what we were there for. All we asked was to at the very least have tables across from each other to see each other. And apparently that was to much to ask. I’m very upset because I do love the food. But to experience something like that especially on a day like today. We will never be back.

Eggsclusive Cafe via Facebook
Eggsclusive Cafe via Facebook

The restaurant responded:

"This is why we have a door decal on the front door. I'm sorry you don't understand. It's been like this for five years. We are sorry it affected your experience."

Followed by a back and forth between Lowe and the restaurant.

Eggsclusive Cafe 2 via Facebook
Eggsclusive Cafe 2 via Facebook

From there, the whole situation unraveled with many taking sides and shots at each other with the last words coming from Eggsclusive Cafe 2:

We are very sorry everyone thinks they can dictate how we operate our restaurant. We have a strict rule no parties oer 8 on Saturdays and Sundays. No exceptions. It's not personal it's policy. Our manager is a wonderful person! What you bully's are doing is unfair. If you dont want to return just don't. We are not trying to be rude. But we have policy and back our manager 100%.

There were 9 days in between reviews on Eggsclusive Cafe 2 Facebook. Since then, the page has been flooded with both positive and negative reactions toward the restaurant.

Is Eggsclusive Cafe 2 in the wrong or did they do the right thing? Tell us!

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