The Blackhawks are following in the Cubs footsteps, hopefully with a lot of wins this season, definitely with a new Hawks player cereal.

'RizzOs' have taken over my nieces and nephews' lives this summer and fall. All five of them have been requesting the Cubs cereal whenever they run through my parents' house.

I have a feeling, this winter they'll do the same with 'Keith Krunch.'


Basically Blackhawks Frosted Flakes with a super cool hockey themed cereal box.

While I'm not sure 'Keith Krunch' has the same 'RizzOs' ring to it, I'm pretty sure the cereal will fly off the shelves as quickly as the Cubbie O's did.

The cereal will be sold exclusively at Jewel-Osco, just like the Rizzo cereal, and will also support the player's charity, this time "Keith Relief Charity."

Jewel might be about an hour from Rockford, but if you're looking to support the Hawks, you might want to make a trip.

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