You probably worked on some DIY projects during quarantine, but did you complete something like THIS?

Personally, I only found the energy to make one DIY project during lockdown. I feel like 2020 was the year every DIY project actually happened. The idea of what you wanted to make had been living in your head rent free long enough. So you masked up, gathered supplies, and got to work.

I did that too. I am actually really proud of my boyfriend and I's project we completed. We made an LED cloud. Check out how good it turned out -

Pretty good right? I thought the same, until I saw Greg Machak's creation. Greg lives in Braidwood, IL. and recently completed an incredibly impressive golf cart transformation. He's created golf carts like this in the past, but this one was special because it honored his uncle, Joe Vercellotti, who served as chief engineer on the real-life USS Hollister.

The golf cart Navy ship was built for a golf cart competition, which is part of an annual charity every for local food pantries in the town in Chicago's south suburbs.

Check this thing out -

How sweet is that? So where does this ship sail next? Well, Machak said he will bring his golf cart to any nearby parade that he can drive it to. But his main hope is that the creation made his uncle proud. This just goes to show that no DIY idea is too grand to be completed. And when it's all for charity, it's that much better.


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