We knew Chicago Cubs fans were great, but we didn't know they'd top this list.

When I first saw the story, 'Chicago Cubs Fans Named Best in the World,' on NBC 5 Chicago's website, I thought, duh, best sports fans alive! But then I read what the list was really comparing.

The list NBC is reporting, isn't just about sports fans, it's about all kinds of fans.

FanSided is the website that collected data on fans, fans of all kinds, and the Chicago Cubs topped the list.

Cubs ahead of 'The Walking Dead,' ahead of 'Netflix,' 'Beyonce' and 'Star Wars.'

The site posted the top 250 groups of fans, and Cubs fans came out on top.

The top 5 fans include:

  • Chicago Cubs
  • Star Wars
  • Beyonce
  • Game of Thrones
  • Dallas Cowboys

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