Being stuck in plaster might not even be the silliest adventure Liam's had.

Meet Liam.

Liam's still a toddler but probably has a longer list of 'adventures' than you do.

Most recently, he got stuck in a bucket of plaster.

Liam's mom, Carrie says, she 'walked upstairs to put dinner in the oven, heard Annabelle screaming, "mommy Liam’s stuck in the paint” maybe all of 30 seconds took to happen."

You want to pour her a bottle of wine after a day like that, but she's busy growing another cute little blonde kid, so maybe a box of brownies instead.


According to Carrie, Liam, 'has locked himself in a hotel room (had to call security to saw off the lock found him hiding in a drawer), locked himself in the van, fire department came, climbs on top of tables and chairs, literally will run and leap off of anything, and now this!'

But with a face like that, what can you really say?

Good luck on your future adventures, Liam!

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