The hard truth is the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese is not the reason why people gather at their restaurants.

Chuck E. Cheese is perfect for birthday parties and other functions, but for the pizza, probably not.

That's why when the pandemic hit the United States and all of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants across the country were forced to close their dining rooms, it put them in a tough spot.

Think about it, when's the last time you ordered Chuck E. Cheese pizza to go?

That's the problem the pizza party giant faced and it looks like they figured out a solution. Change the name of their online offerings to Pasqually's Pizza and Wings on GrubHub and other food delivery apps.

Pasqually's is a product of Chuck E. Cheese parent CEC Entertainment and represents an upgrade from the children's pizza the chain is known for.

CEC Entertainment describes the pizza as "premium" and "high quality" with "fresh ingredients." Pasqually's will "share the same kitchen space as Chuck E. Cheese" which in Rockford is 3600 East State Street.


Are you as confused as I am or is it just simply, Chuck E. Cheese realized few people looked at their pizza as a to-go or delivery option so they changed their name to something unrecognizable?

That's the way it sounds to me. Then again, I ordered a to-go Chuck E. Cheese pizza topped with Cheetos a few years ago, so what do I know?

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