You'll always remember your friends from high school. You'll probably vaguely remember your acquaintances. The randos? Well, they might be brought up in therapy somewhere along the way.

Heck, all three might be brought up during a talk with a therapist at some point.

I believe that's what Leigha Grove was getting at when she wore this cleverly designed graduation cap during her commencement ceremony yesterday afternoon.


I'm sure you've seen SpongeBob memes all over the internet and social media but on top of graduation cap?

Grove, a member of the graduating class of 2019 from Dixon High School, designed her cap with a SpongeBob meme in mind, but not with Mr. Squarepants, or even Patrick, but Mr. Krabs archnemesis Plankton.

Bravo, and congrats on graduating and winning the day.

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