UPDATE: Kye Comfort Dog from Immanuel Lutheran in Belvidere also has paws on the ground in Las Vegas.

In times of distress, who do you normally turn to? If it's not a person, then it's probably your pet.  Our furry friends know us best and they know when we're feeling anxious, sad, lonely or are in distress. What would we do without them?

What would the victims of the Las Vegas shooting do without them? Lutheran Church Charities knows that the victims and families of those involved in the Las Vegas shooting are reeling, and to show their support, their sending their K-9 comfort dogs.

The group, based in the Chicago area, will be at Sunrise Hospital to help patients, families and staff.

Take a look at this adorable lineup of pups.

God bless them for all of their efforts. Safe travels and thank you for everything you do.

If you'd love to make a donation to help fund the trip, you can do that here.

[H/T: WGN]

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