Human remains were found Wednesday in a wooded area near Newburg Road and Mill Road in Rockford. The body they found was only a skeleton.

At this moment, there are not many details about this case. What we know right now is that the human remains found were skeletonized.

Skeletonized means that body has likely gone undiscovered for a very long time. Skeletonization is the state of a dead organism after undergoing decomposition. It is the final stage of decomposition. Could this person have been in those woods covered by snow for months? I have so many questions. How long has this person''s family been searching for them?

The body is now with the Winnebago County Coroner undergoing an examination.

Could this body have been decomposing in the woods, just east of the Tebala Shirne Temple, for weeks or even months? Could that skeletonization have been caused by wild animals? Wolves and even coyotes can skeletonize a dead cow in minutes.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department is investigating. Be sure to bookmark this page as we will share any new details as soon as they become available.

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