If you've never been to Costco then the one thing you need to know is that everything there is GIANT. It's a great store for big families, or an army.  So, with that being said, lets get to the point.

Costco recently put out an item that caught the eye of a lot of shoppers.  I mean, it's pretty hard to miss so I see why it stopped them in their tracks.  What is this insane item?

Drum roll, please...


Now, let's set the record straight, according to Costco this thing is 'for decorative purposes'.

Yeah... okay Costco... decoration.  Well, the internet shut down that purpose real quick letting everyone know that the wine glass could hold a total of 25 bottles of wine.  So obviously it's not something you'll use regularly on your wine nights.  It's also $79.99 in-store and $99.99 online.

Here are the only reasons I can see someone purchasing this item

  1. A gag gift for your friend who loves wine
  2. An actual Christmas decoration
  3. A classy fish tank
  4. A place to throw your spare change
  5. A place to bathe your newborn
  6. A hilarious Instagram
  7. Or if you just went through a horrible break up

Anyways, here is the link to buy it online.

The closest location to go buy one and make an epic exit with that thing in your cart is here.

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