Do you love a good mystery? Crayola is looking to find a former Keith County Day School student named Matthew who submitted his artwork to the company in the late 1990s. 

Who doesn't love a mystery like this? A hunt to find the original artist, to reunite him with his artwork? To catch up with him as an adult and see how artsy he is these days? This is the best story I've heard all week!

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This morning I got an email on behalf of Crayola to see if we can help them find their missing Rockford artist.

Here's what we know.

In the late 1990s, Crayola art had a program called Dream Makers. A student from Rockford, who attended Keith County Day School named Matthew submitted this piece of art work to the program.

Matthew, Crayola
Matthew, Crayola

Now in 2024, Crayola opened up their art archives as they work on a new 'Campaign for Creativity.'

The purpose of the campaign is to discuss the importance of childhood creativity... so Crayola is looking to reunite adults with their childhood artwork.

Which is where you come in.

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Do you know Matthew?

Did you go to Keith Country Day School in the last 90s?

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I was in elementary school in the late 90s, I was the 6th grade class of 1999 and I'm 37. So, I'm thinking Matthew is probably between the ages of 35 and 41 maybe?

Let's help Crayola find Matthew! If you know him, send him to the Campaign for Creativity website to claim his artwork!

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