It's not a spider, it's not a stink bug, what is it?

I feel like I've had enough bugs for this entire decade, but apparently the world does not agree.

This morning, I came home from the gym and immediately my eyes went to the wall across my apartment, because there was a bug.

What I thought was a ginormous spider, did not seem spider-like when I got up close.

Sure this bug has loads of legs and a black body, but the trunk of this dude was way too large for a spider.

A stink bug?

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Townsquare Media

I don't think so, because I had stink bugs in my old apartment and they were brown and bigger, this guy was jet black and had white nuggets on this legs.

Yes, nuggets is the only word I have to describe this bug's white leg-ness.

Also, the bug didn't smell when I killed it, which was necessary after I found a stool so I could reach above the window.

Any thoughts? Should I be concerned? Could this bug have killed me? Need answers please, thanks.

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