Because sometimes, knowledge is power.

I don't know if I want this kind of powerful knowledge though!

A sweet simple website name, Flowing Data, is predicting your death. And mine, and your neighbors and Amy Schumer's.

Nathan Yau is the mastermind behind this death predicting website. His predictions come from studying Underlying Cause of Death database from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it's as legit as it gets.

I'm pretty afraid to do this for myself, I'm not sure I want that kind of knowledge, but I will put Amy Schumer's info and see when her death is supposed to happen.

Let's see what it says.

There isn't a whole lot of info required, just whether you're a man or woman, your age and how old you are. Amy's 34.

Based on the average 34 year old woman, Amy will live until she's 81, and she'll probably die from a circulatory problem or cancer. She will probably not die from a blood disease.

Thank you to the Schum for using her in the study. Find out when and how you'll probably die, here.

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