If you need an excuse to maybe skip your next workout, use Cubs player Jonathan Villar as some inspiration.

The Cubs infielder will miss some time for the club after being put on the Injured List because he needed significant dental work.

You don't see a lot of players miss time during the season to go to the dentist, and it confused some people after the initial report that Villar was going to miss some time due to a mouth injury.

Then yesterday, some more news on the incident was released.

Apparently the Cubs infielder was working with one of those stretchy exercise band when it slipped off and snapped back into his mouth, causing the injury.

Very unfortunate for Villar, but pretty funny at the same time. It's the kind of injury that his teammates, once they found out he would be okay, would tease him mercilessly about.

It's apparently a pretty common injury, especially when done by people that aren't athletes. There are plenty of YouTube videos dedicated to the subject.

You keep expecting it to not be funny after a while, but it somehow IS funny every single time.

I haven't had this much fun watching people injure themselves with exercise equipment since the viral trend of two people charging at each other while holding exercise balls.

Just a wonderful video filled with stupid people. The only difference between these and the exercise band people is the exercise ball people seem to be asking for it so you don't feel bad at all watching it.

Villar should be back for the Cubs in a few days after his procedure, I wonder if his teammates will be done making fun of him by then.

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