Wade Miley might have the greatest job in all of sports and he's having an excellent week.

I have always thought that being a mid-level starting pitcher in the Major Leagues was the best job in sports. The money is still ridiculous at that level. You're playing every 5th day, max. You're usually the team's 3rd or 4th best pitcher, not all the fans know who you are, and the pressure is significantly lower than for high profile players.

Plus these journeymen pitchers get to change teams regularly, see the world and make connections all over the game and the country.

You probably won't be able to lift your arm over your head after you turn 50, but the trade-off is fair.

This is exactly the type of pitcher the Cubs signed this off season in Wade Miley.

Miley is on his 9th team in 12 MLB seasons. His E.R.A. is just north of 4.00, and his win-loss record is just south of .500. Plus, he looks like this:

Just a cool dude that's pretty good at throwing a baseball.

He was excellent at throwing a baseball Monday night against the Pirates when he threw 7 innings of shutout baseball to lead the Cubs to a 9-0 win.

Then during Tuesday night's game he was being interviewed by the booth when he pulled off this magic trick after somebody tossed a health bar his way.

It's honestly probably the most impressive thing Miley has done at a baseball game and he once threw a no-hitter.

It looks like the Cubs are on their way to their fourth straight win while people are still having fun in the dugout.

It's not quite like it was in 2016, but they might be headed in the right direction.

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