It might not feel like spring just yet in Illinois, but it's on the way, along with free ice cream from Dairy Queen.

March is one of the weirdest months of the year. Almost every other month has a consistent weather vibe.

You know it's supposed to snow from December to February, and if it doesn't it seems weird, but ANYTHING can happen in March. Which is why we ended up with a giant snow storm this week in Illinois, but could totally see mid 70s by March 20.

March 20 would be the perfect day for a mid-70s spring day because March 20 is 'Free Cone Day,' at Dairy Queen.

You read that right, FREE. That's the best price.

Technically March 20 is the first day of spring, which is why Dairy Queen loves to hook us up with ice cream to celebrate.

How to Get Free Dairy Queen Ice Cream

Now,  you're probably wondering, what's the catch? There isn't one, but you can't just pick any ice cream off the menu for free.

Free Cone Day is all about small vanilla ice cream cones.

According to, you will be able to enjoy one small vanilla ice cream cone per person at your favorite Dairy Queen location.

How Many Cones Can You Get For Free?

I'm not saying you should cheat the system, but it doesn't look like you have to do anything except show up for the ice cream, so you could totally grab a freebie at a few different DQ locations if you have the time.

March 20 is a Monday this year, which is absolutely the best day to score free ice cream if you ask me.

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