The CDC has confirmed a new "urgent threat" regarding a drug-resistant fungal infection that has been found in Illinois. Candida auris, is a serious and sometimes fatal fungal infection that can cause bloodstream infections and even death, especially in hospital patients and with nursing home residents, according to Patch.

Its symptoms include difficulty swallowing, burning, genital itching, and a cheese like discharge that looks white. It's also hard to identify with standard lab methods.

Washing your hands, protective equipment, and cleaning medical equipment are the best ways to prevent the spread.

Unfortunately because the bug is drug resistant, the CDC has awarded Rutgers University a $300,000 contract to fight the spread of it.

Just make sure, if you visit hospitals or nursing home facilities around the holiday season, to thoroughly wash your hands and bring disinfected hand sanitizer with you. Read up more on Candida auris on the CDC's website if you think you or a loved one may be infected.


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