If you've ever wondered what life is like behind bars, you can now discover jail-life for just $40.

I'm not kidding, this is a real thing. DeKalb County Jail is hosting, 'An Evening in Jail,' Friday June 1.

For the small fee of $40, you can spend three hours in jail, living life as a prisoner.

You'll be booked into jail, get your mugshot, sit in a cell and have a (delicious?) dinner with your fellow inmates.

This sounds pretend, but it's very real.

The $40 goes to one of four charities that the jail works with throughout the year. You choose between Voluntary Action Center, CASA DeKalb County, Inc., Safe Passage, or The Children's Advocacy Center.

According to their event press release, this is a fundraiser to test all of the new features of the DeKalb County Jail, but let's face it, it sounds like the beginning of a bachelorette party.

However, I have a feeling if you show up drunk, you won't be allowed to 'play.'

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