Veterans only parking program created in DeKalb.

Have You Noticed

I do not know if you have noticed lately when you go anywhere. You really need to be careful where you park. Drivers have to look very carefully to make sure they have not pulled into an illegal spot.

Read The Signs

There are so many reasons why a parking spot is off-limits for you. Of course, the number one reason is handicap parking.

Now, we have saved spaces for expecting mothers, curbside pick-up, an employee of the month, and many more.

If you are not careful, you could end up with a ticket.

Great Idea

DeKalb, Illinois has started a brand new reserve parking program and I love it. I hope more cities across the state will join in.

According to,

"Veteran-only parking spots are available in several areas throughout DeKalb thanks to partnerships between local businesses and the DeKalb American Legion Post #66."


"Through a unified effort with commercial and public parking areas, the goal is to provide veteran’s parking spaces at every public, private and commercial facility to honor and say thank you to veterans year-round and every day."


"A disabled veteran does not automatically qualify for a disabled parking plaque but would be a perfect candidate for a veteran’s only parking space."


Unfortunately, these special parking spots will not be monitored by the authorities, so that means no tickets for violators. Hopefully, residents will respect the situation and not break the rule. I do not think anyone wants to really be "that person."

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