So, last night I go to fire up Hulu to watch the latest episode of This is Us and to my surprise, there wasn't a new episode. There was, however, a little dialogue box that said, "You are all caught up."

I thought, "huh, how could this be?" I frantically searched the internet for answers until I finally realized that there was no new episode because of Donald Trump's speech to Congress. Of course.

The night wasn't a totally loss though; while I was looking for an explanation I learned that Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin on the show, is from Illinois.

Did you have any idea that he was from Illinois?

According to the Chicago Sun Times,  he grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was introduced to acting while taking theater class at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park; and even after moving to LA, he's still a very huge fan of Chicago.

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