Starbucks handed out a huge amount of free holidays reusable cups last week. If you weren't lucky enough to get one then, don't be too sad, you can buy one.

Last week was a big one for holiday buys. On Wednesday, Aldi released their wine advent calendar, and on Thursday, Starbucks launched their holiday menu and handed out thousands of free reusable holiday cups across the country.

I had to pick one... and I picked waiting in line for the wine calendar over waking up early to make sure I got a Starbucks cup.

If you skipped the free cup like I did, don't fret, we can still get one and you know what.... I kind of love these cups better than the freebie.

The red and pink set of 6 is just $11.95, so basically $2 each. They hold 16 ounces, which is a grande hot drink and just like the free cups, you get a discount on your drink if you use one of these cups. You'll get 10 cents off.


You can also grab a cold set, five cups with lids and straws that hold 24 ounces each, which I assume are close to $12 too but I weirdly can't find that on their website.

The hardest part about having a reusable Starbucks cup is to remember to wash it and have it with you next time you hit the drive-thru... but hey, if you buy the pack, keep at least two for yourself, you'll likely have one ready to go next time you stop by.

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