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Disney+ Releases Warning

Disney+, the new Disney on-demand streaming, released a warning for "outdated cultural depictions" in some of its classic movies. Content warnings are being applied because some of the movies may contain scenes that would now be looked at as racist, offensive or thoroughly inaccurate. (via Business Insider)

Pink Is Taking a Break from Music

After a busy year of releasing her eighth studio album and receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pink is taking a break from her music career. She wants to let her motorcycle racer husband focus on his career in 2020 instead. In light of her break, Pink is going to dedicate all her time to being with her family. (via PopCrush)

How to Boost Your School Grades

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney say the key to boosting your school grades is to cut down your time spent on Facebook. A survey given to college students showed that people who use Facebook for three hours a day or more had test scores about 10 percent lower than those who used Facebook less often. The research can be related to all social medias platforms in general. (via USA Today)

Aaron Carter Rushed to the Hospital

The family drama occurring in Aaron Carter's life might be affecting him in more ways than one. Aaron arrived at his mom's home in Florida on Thursday and she was alarmed at his major weight loss. She immediately drove him to the ER and checked him into the facility. This comes after Aaron's brother, Nick Carter, got a restraining order against the singer back in September after claiming that Aaron threatened to kill his pregnant wife. (via PopCrush)

Wag-Worthy Story

A rescue puppy named Narwhal — located at Mac's Mission Animal Rescue in Jackson, Missouri — is breaking the internet with his cuteness... and for the fact that he has a tail in between his eyes! Narwhal went to the vet recently and was told that everything is normal and healthy despite the abnormal growth. It noteworthy that the "foretail" does not require surgery, and seems to not be giving Narwhal any discomfort. (via PopCrush)

Netflix is Being Sued

Mo'nique, Oscar-winning actress and comedian is suing Netflix for race-based discrimination. This comes after Mo'nique did not find equality in the way Netflix negotiated a comedy special with her. She claims that Netflix offered comedian Amy Schumer $11 million for her hour-long stand-up special, but they only offered Mo'Nique $500,000 for her comedy special. Ultimately, she wants the company to change all of its discriminatory policies. (via TMZ)

Glimpse Into the Recovery of Kevin Hart's Friends

For the first time since the September 1 car crash that involved Kevin Hart and his two friends, Hart's friends' are giving people a glimpse into their recovery process since sustaining very serious injuries. Jared, the driver, underwent major back surgery and the backseat passenger, Rebecca, says they are both doing physical therapy together a few times each week. Kevin Hart is currently counting his blessings, and Jared, as well as Rebecca, are in the process of doing the same as they gradually get better. (via TMZ)

Travel Tips for the Holidays

Record numbers of flyers are expected to jam into airports this upcoming Thanksgiving break. Here are some tips to help deal with the roaring crowds: Get to the airport with even more time to spare than usual; check TSA’s website ahead of time to ensure that you’re not carrying any prohibited items; and sign up for a program like Precheck, so you will not have to take off your shoes or belt. Overall, it is important to stay calm and patient because the crowds are going to be big no matter what. (via KLove)

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