It's a Dodgeball reunion, for a good cause.

Ben Stiller has released a video in which he and several other stars of the 2004 hit comedy Dodgeball make a pitch -- in character -- to us regular folks to enter a contest in which one lucky soul can play dodgeball with them.

Stiller returns as laughably buffoonish villain White Goodman, owner of Globo Gym, while Vince Vaughn suits up once more as Average Joe's owner Peter LaFleur. Justin Long and Christine Taylor (who is separating from Stiller after 17 years of marriage) are also back in the clip, which once again showcases Stiller's over-the-top depiction of the musclehead Goodman, while Vaughn is reliably pitch perfect as the everyman LaFleur.

Stiller implores people to sign up for his side, while Vaughn beseeches them to join his team. Signing up and making a donation gives you the chance to be entered for the chance to play dodgeball with Stiller, with funds raised going to his Stiller Foundation.

The winner will be flown to New York City to play in the biggest dodgeball game since, well, ever, since no one can name a big dodgeball game that didn't take place outside their middle school gym. According to Nerdist, you'll take to the court alongside Stiller, Vaughn, Taylor, Long and fellow Dodgeball stars Jamal Duff and Missi Pyle before chowing down on pizza with Stiller himself.

So, get your wrenches ready, everyone because, as Patches O'Houlihan wisely taught us, "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

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