To brunch or not to brunch? Is that even a question? 

Brunch is obviously the best meal of the week. When you choose to go to brunch, you're choosing to do something extra special, a little out of the ordinary, and hopefully something extra delicious too.

We have some very unique restaurants in Rockford and so many of those spots are now open for brunch.

One of those restaurants is Abreo on E. State Street in downtown Rockford.

Abreo wasn't always open for brunch, but it is now and HOLY COW the photos I've been seeing on Facebook and Instagram since they've been brunching are incredible!

One of the standouts is the English Muffins.

Fresh sourdough English Muffins to be exact.

I mean, even if you aren't an English Muffin lover, try to tell me these photos aren't making your mouth water?

I literally just ate an entire meal and a huge cookie and I still wish I had about six of those English Muffins on a plate in front of me.

Abreo is now open for brunch on Sundays and you can check out their menu online.

The menu is divided into a few categories: fry jacks, brunch classics revisited, the lighter side, sweet tooth, for the kiddos and pk sides.

I don't know about you, but I think I need to get a reservation for this Sunday. Have you tried Abreo brunch yet?

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