Get over to downtown Rockford and pick up 'The Jordan,' before they run out!

Let's rewind just a little bit.

About 5 weeks ago, when we flipped from 2022 to 2023.

I was at my parents house watching Chicago New Year's celebrations when the TV hosts came out in Michael Jordan jerseys.

It took me a minute, but I realized... OH, 23... 2023... Michael Jordan... and then I started seeing everyone on social media refer to this year as 'the Jordan,' year.

I guess kids do that for their birthdays too. You'd think someone my age would've known about this prior to this year, but I didn't... which is probably why I didn't think much about Friday's date: 2/3/23.

But Inzombia Coffee in Rockford sure did!

On Friday, they released 'The Jordan,' drink. Not only is it named for Mr. 23 himself, it basically looks like a liquid Bulls' jersey.

It's a raspberry red velvet frappe, topped with whipped cream, raspberry and chocolate sauces.

Inzombia Coffee is the PERFECT coffee shop to celebrate Jordan Day and Jordan Year, because their shop is packed with nostalgia and really takes you back in time when you walk in.

I sure hope they keep 'The Jordan,' on the menu, because it sounds delicious and also looks pretty perfect for Valentine's Day.


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