I've never been in the wilderness surrounded by wildlife.  I don't know why I ever would be, but if I ever found myself in that predicament I'd be terrified.

If you're looking for something to do with your family this Summer outdoors, the Aikman Wildlife Adventure is definitely a great option!  This popped up as a recommended place to go for myself, but I figured families would equally love this safari!

Aikman Wildlife Adventure

We are the only drive-thru safari adventure in Illinois so don’t miss out!

You’ll have the opportunity to see and take pictures of animals right out of your vehicle while you drive the 1-mile long path through our Drive-Thru. - Aikman

You can literally get up close and personal with the wildlife at this adventure park!  If it's on your bucket list to get a picture with a zebra, this is totally for you!

Look how close the animals can get to you!  You can drive through with your own vehicle or you can go on 'behind the scenes' adventures, too.  This looks like a really, really fun time honestly.

Aikman Wildlife Adventure is located at 125N County Road 425E ArcolaIL 61910.  They're currently only open Saturdays 10:00 am - 4:00 pm and Sundays 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

They've been open since 2015 and have so many happy visitors every year!

OMG!!! They even have had camels at their park for guests to say hello to.  You don't see that every day in Illinois, amirite?

After the drive-thru, stroll through the rest of the park and you'll spot some smaller animals throughout the Walk-Thru/Petting Zoo area.

You can experience our Walk-Thru Adventure, where you’ll see peacocks, hyenas, wolfdogs, lemurs and much more, including our large Petting Zoo area. - Aikman


I'm telling you, this line for the safari will be nuts, so get your tickets now on their website before they sell out!  This is a great place for a first date, too.  I would be terrified, yet so excited to visit all the wildlife here!

Your kiddos would be so sad if you didn't take them on a 'real' safari, Mom and Dad!!!

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