Ed Sheeran was in Chicago last weekend and tons of fans spotted him at The Wiener Circle serving hot dogs.

I am so unlucky, I swear.  The first time Ed Sheeran came to Rockford, I missed my chance at meeting him because my phone was dead.

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Ed Sheeran Performs On NBC's "Today"
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Now I'm angrier because I didn't get to see him in Chicago.

Ed Sheeran Spotted At Iconic Chicago Restaurant Serving Hot Dogs

If you've never been to The Wiener Circle, they're known for being rude to guests.  Employees are loud, obnoxious, and it's chaotic in the kitchen.  Their newest employee, Ed, had his first day on the job!

Via ScenicRouteTraveler - YouTube
Via ScenicRouteTraveler - YouTube

Here's a video they posted on Twitter, aka 'X':

“We’re gonna have Ed Sheeran here at the motherf----er Wiener’s Circle and I’m gonna teach that wanker how to make a f---ing hot dog.”


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Imagine just craving a hot dog, making a routine stop at The Wiener Circle, and Ed Sheeran is serving hot dogs.  I'd lose my sh*t lol.

Honestly, he looked like he was having the time of his life.  Plus, the crowd was INSANE at the hot dog joint.

Here's what Ed said about The Wiener Circle,

“This place is legendary [in] Chicago for serving hot dogs and insulting their customers. I loved it. See you at the stadium tonight x.”

This fun little photo he took with an employee is ICONIC.

Little did Ed know that later that night he'd be setting another record in his career - having the largest attendance at Soldier Field, ever.  73,000 people!

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