There are so many different places in Illinois to get a good-tasting hot dog, it's really tough to name the very best, right?

I mean, I thought of a few places right away that ultimately weren't named Illinois' best place to get a hot dog in a recent article on

You'd be wrong if you considered Portillo's, Super Dawg, or even Weiner's Circle as the best hot dog stand in the state.

Chicago Style Hot Dog
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If you thought of a place synonymous with the world-famous Maxwell Street Polish, you'd be on the right track.

Jim's Original, 1250 South Union Street in Chicago, is known as the purveyor of the Polish Sausage but I had no idea they were so skilled in hot dog making.

According to Mashed, Jim's is the best spot in Illinois for a dog.

The buns are slathered in yellow mustard before receiving a huge scoop of grilled sweet Spanish onions and spicy peppers. You can also double down on the franks with a two-in-one bun, or try their Polish sausage, as well.

Yelper Roth S. says Jim's is a "Legit hot dog stand! Excellent hot dog with everything." but Michelle R. called it the "Saddest hot dog I've had in Chicago. Asked for a hot dog with everything and received a plain hotdog with onions. Where is the relish, the mustard, and the peppers?"

Full disclosure, I've never had Jim's food, but I do know the history and while I was surprised to see the hot dog stand recognized as the best in the state, it's a well-deserved honor.

What about you? Do you have a favorite hot dog joint in Illinois? Tell us.

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