Ed Sheeran isn't just dominating the music industry, he's breaking records along the way - adding another to the list at Soldier Field in Illinois.

I've been listening to Ed Sheeran ever since One Direction has been around.. since about 2011!  I was lucky enough to see him perform at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2017, too.

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Honestly, I wish I attended his Soldier Field show when he came to Illinois over the weekend because it was different than the rest of his shows.

73,000 People Attended Ed Sheeran's Show At Illinois' Soldier Field

On Twitter, Soldier Field posted this message from Ed,

“Chicago! We’ve broken the ticket record for tonight. This is the largest concert that’s ever been here. There’s , of you here tonight! Thank you so much for giving me your Saturday night.” - @edsheeran

The power of music.  The power of social media.  The power of Ed Sheeran.  That photo of the stadium is out of this freakin' world!

Holy moly... more fans attended his concert at Soldier Field than any other show held there.  That says something considering Taylor Swift is killin' it on the Eras Tour!

My friend, Michelle, attended the show and she had floor access.  I can't imagine being there that night because it looked so incredibly magical.  The set design was gorgeous!

Midday Michelle - FB
Midday Michelle - FB

I did see something on Twitter that got me curious, though.

This Twitter user, @billdefries, said Pink Floyd had an even larger attendance.


Imagine being so popular that 67,000 tickets were sold, but 28,000 more people snuck in to see your show.  Now that's when you know you've truly made it in life.  WOW.

Well, congrats to Ed for accomplishing this in his lifetime.  What a record to hold!

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