Rockford is a very haunted place, but there's one ghost that is spotted the most, the lady in white near the Rock River. Will she come out this Halloween?

Spooky season is just about over, but, there's still time for a ghost story about the most haunted city in Illinois.

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Last week we confirmed that Rockford is still the most haunted city in Illinois. In fact, Rockford is the 19th most haunted city in the entire county. All of that haunting sparks curiosity in Rockfordians, which is how we got the group, Haunted Rockford. 

The group is led by Kathi Kresol, who stopped by Good Day Stateline last Friday to share her story with us, how she got started researching the haunted sights and sounds of Rockford and how she grew her group to include psychics and mediums.

Kathi told us about some of the most haunted spaces in Rockford, but we ran out of time to talk about the most mesmerizing ghost story in Rockford, the lady in white by the Rock River.

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Rockford Ghost: The Lady in White Who Walks the Rock River

Luckily we had sometime after the show to hear the story. Not only did Kathi and Sara (also from Haunted Rockford) talk about how many times the lady in white has been spotted, but who they think the lady in Rockford might be.

Eerie right? Do you think she'll come out tomorrow night? You know that's the idea on Halloween right, that ghosts can pass through to the mortal world easier than any other night... let us know if you see her.

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