You might think Rockford, Illinois is only famous for the Peaches or sock monkeys... it's also one of the most haunted cities in the country. 

As we get closer and closer to the end of October, we hear more and more about ghosts. Who sees them, when they come out and most importantly, where you can find them.

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Turns out, Rockford, Illinois, is one of the most popular cities to find a ghost, compared to the entire country! I always hear we're living in a haunted city, but I didn't know that we rank 19th in the whole country. That is super high on the list!

Ghosts of America did the spooky work, sharing these stats:

  • Rockford, IL, ranks #19 for cities with the most ghost sightings. 
  • Rockford, IL, ranks #32 for cities and states with the spookiest roads. 
  • Nearly 6 in 10 car owners have experienced paranormal activity while driving, with one-third being non-believers before the experience.
  • After having a paranormal experience, 47% say they found similar stories occurring in the same area.

I'm sure you're wondering who outranks us in spookiness? You'll find the most ghosts in Port Costa, California. Huntsville, Texas comes in second place, followed by El Paso, Texas and Austin, Texas.

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In fact, there are seven cities in Texas that land on the list of cities with the most ghost sightings.

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Rockford is the only city in Illinois that hits the top 20. Have you ever seen a ghost?

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