Hooray! A new day off in Illinois.

Actually, it's just a small piece of the legislation Governor Pritzker signed off on yesterday.

The bill expanded the vote by mail program, along with earlier voting hours at polling places, and then makes election day an actual Illinois holiday.

The legislation also makes election day a state holiday for all government offices except election authorities, k-12 schools, and post-secondary institutions governed by the State Universities Civil Service Act.

So wait. Does that mean we all get the day off or what? I was excited but now not so much.

It's possible that some businesses throughout the state will follow suit, but anyone who has worked on Casimir Pulaski Day or Lincoln's birthday knows that state holidays don't always translate to time off.

So that means it's up to each business to make that decision on their own.

Do you think you'll be at work on election day?

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