America has one of the lowest voter turnouts around the world. We must exercise our right. You like living in a free country don't you? 

Ten REALLY GOOD reasons you should vote:

  1. If you don't vote for what you believe in, it's likely no on else will.
  2. Many people fought extremely hard for your right to vote.
  3. The person elected President is going to be running our country for at least 4 years. If it's not the candidate you wanted, it could be a long four years.
  4. You may not like either presidential candidate, but local representatives are being elected as well and they will have a major impact in the government for the state, city, and county you live in.
  5. One vote really does count. It's insane the number of registered voters who choose to not vote. If everyone voted, there could be a completely different outcome than if you just sit this one out.
  6. Your children are depending on you. The choice that you make will effect their future too.
  7. What if no one voted? Then what? Would that right be taken away? Who would elect our president then?
  8. So you are free to complain and criticize. If you didn't vote, nobody is interested in your opinion.
  9. Because in this day and age, we live in a democracy when most of the world doesn't. And that's incredible.
  10. You get a free sticker.
10 Really Good Reasons You Should Vote

If you're looking for even more reasons to vote, you really should click here, to see what the Independent Voter Project put together.

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