Ellen DeGeneres revealed an unusual, painful symptom she's been experiencing after testing positive for COVID-19.

On Wednesday (December 16), the daytime talk show host updated fans about her health via a video on social media.

"Hi everybody, just saying thank you to all the well wishes out there," she said. "I appreciate it very much. I'm feeling 100%, I feel really good."

Although she said she currently feels good, she also shared the one surprising symptom she experienced after testing positive: "One thing that they don't tell you is you get, somehow, excruciating back pain. Didn't know that was a symptom, but I talked to some other people — back pain. Who knew? How come? Bad."

Closing the clip, DeGeneres resumed playing Connect Four at home with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

Watch the video, below.

DeGeneres announced her positive COVID-19 test result on December 10. At the time, she had not experienced any symptoms. Her talk show has since halted production and those who were in close contact with her have been notified.

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