If you're a tall friend of Ellie Goulding's, she might just set you up with someone else who is also tall. She's officially taking credit for sparking the romance between human trees Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

According to an interview with the Sun (via the Mirror), Goulding realized both Swift's and Harris' Yeti-like statures would make them compatible. She said, "I did play matchmaker, that's true. Calvin is a really great mate and he's so fantastic, and Taylor is such a cool person who I love. I thought, 'They're both really awesome and both really tall, they'll be brilliant together'."

When pressed further about Swift's relationship — because Goulding clearly has a second career as a matchmaker to her famous friends — the "Burn" singer also noted that Swift would probably welcome seeing Harris' Scottish hometown of Dumfries. She said, "Of course she would hang out there. She's so down to earth and that would be important to her."

Swift and Harris reportedly began casually dating after meeting at the 2015 BRIT Awards earlier this year, and then further propelled romance rumors after cameras showed the couple entrenched in an abnormally long embrace during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. They have yet to officially confirm their relationship to the public, but Swift never technically confirmed her relationship with Harry Styles either, and he had an entire album written about him (probably).

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