When the internet goes out what do you do?

Well for most of us, you just go on with your day but today, I noticed you can actually play on the internet without actually having, you know, internet.

Have you ever seen this before?


Well, I have, and up until today didn’t know it was something playable.

In a fit of boredom, I decided to hit the spacebar and all of a sudden something magical happened.

The dinosaur started moving across the screen. Little did I know that you can actually play a little game with the actual character on screen.

Hit the spacebar to make the dinosaur jump over the cactus. It’s simple, yet kind of a challenge.

The further along you get, the screen goes from light to dark and starts to incorporate birds that will start to whiz by your dinosaur’s head.

It’s a fun game to pass the time while you wait for the internet, and oh hey, the internet’s back.

Until next time “Internet Out Dinosaur Game.” In case you’re wondering, my high score was 878.

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