If you caught yesterday's Cubs game you might have been mad at the guy who 'stole the ball from the kid' but turns out, we didn't get the whole story on TV.

Sundays are the perfect days for baseball and I was one of the many people who watched the Cubs beat the Cardinals yesterday afternoon.

The whole Internet got mad at the guy, and the Cubs even tried to remedy the situation by giving the kid a ball signed by Javy Baez.

But this morning we found out there was way more to the story.

Not only did the man who we all hated yesterday already give a ball to aforementioned kid earlier in the game, he also gave the ball we saw him grab on TV to another kid.

And we have Twitter and Reddit to thank for the 'more to the story.'

So the 'ball stealer' guy is really a super nice dude and shouldn't be put to Bartman shame.

And by the time the Cubs take on the Cardinals again this weekend, we'll probably forget all about this.

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